Monday, August 9, 2010

The Dirt about My Job Change

Ok, so here’s the scoop (it’s pretty boring and lacks my usual sarcasm, so feel free to skip this one).

My current job is great. I had a number of clients, and it was always thrilling to help them be successful. I worked for a public relations agency in Provo. One of the things I always appreciated about the company is the work ethic exemplified by the company’s partners. In other agencies, it seems like the main item on partners’ calendars is their golf schedule. In this company, the partners are the busiest people of anyone getting a paycheck.

I also loved (and I mean LOVED) the people I worked with. Over time, these people became like family and my job slowly seeped its way into becoming part of my identity.

But then my neighbor told me about a job at the local university. He currently works in a department where I used to work as a student employee.

I worked there for three years, and I can truthfully say that I felt like skipping to work every morning. When I graduated, I jokingly told my boss that if she could give me a salary and let me work full time that I would stay, even though I knew that was impossible.

When my neighbor told me about this job, the impossible suddenly became possible … even probable.

There were some definite cons to the job (reduced salary, less vacation time, less flexibility regarding work hours or work location, etc.), but there were also a number of pros (getting my masters for free, working in an amazing environment, doing work I never thought my current education would allow, etc.).

In the end, my wife and I prayed about it, and it felt completely right. The peace of that decision washed away all my anxiety about losing part of the identity I’d cultivated for the last four years. Even now, as I stand on the edge of making the flying leap into a major career change, I feel completely calm.

What will I be doing? Academic advising for students on academic probation.

When is my last day at my current job? August 10.

When do I start my new job? August 11.

While I’m sad about what and who I’ll leave behind, I’m a little giddy about what is ahead. Okay, more than a little giddy.


Rachel said...

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The CLIC got you a job?!? Wasn't the CLIC the best job of your LIFE? I'm with you. Loved it. Would work there for free. CONGRATS!!! so happy for you!!! You will be great

trublubyu said...

if we went back in time 17 years, you could have been my academic advisor. yes, true confession. and you would have been so proud of me when i graduated.

best of luck in your new job.

isn't prayer awesome? and peace.

JMadd said...

You're gonna be great at that job! Congratulations. Maybe I'll have to stop by and say hi sometime this week if I'm on campus.

Christie said...

Congrats! I'm sure the benefits will more than pay off. Say hello to my b-i-l if you see him. He's been kicked out and reinstated like five times.

Nathan said...

Rachel: It seriously was the best. I can't believe I'm going back there. Now that this is a new career, I owe you BIG TIME for recommending me all those years ago.

TruBluBYU: I had a BLAST my freshman year. So I was in that office at one point too. And I spent the rest of my college experience making up for that year. I wouldn't have changed it for the world, though.

JMadd: You're always welcome.

Christie: If your brother-in-law ends up in my office, tell him I won't bite (although it sounds like it might be old hat for him at this point).

trublubyu said...

happy first day of work! hope being the new guy isn't too bad. best of luck.

Super Happy Girl said...

Are you kidding me? That's pretty exciting! Congrats :)

Rob A. said...

That's my dream job! Congratulations.

politicchic6 said...

I look back at academic probation fondly. Actually, I don't think it ever got to probation. I think it was only academic warning. But those were good times.