Monday, June 6, 2011

Pockets: A girl's best friend

My daughter has a thing for pockets recently. If we go somewhere, she has to stuff half her bedroom into her pockets.

Well ...

The other day, she wanted to wear the following dress:

Do you notice a problem?

Yep. No pockets.

But that doesn't stop someone like my daughter.

She discovered a handy place to stuff all her junk.

Can you guess where it is?

(scroll down)

That's right. All afternoon my daughter waltzed around the house looking ... mature for her age.

Fortunately, she was oblivious about what she looked like with the extra ... padding.


Jessie said...

Bahahahaha! Oh my heck! That is hilarious. Quite inventive that girl! Reagan loves pockets too. In fact she was getting real upset she didn't have some when your wife was over a couple weeks ago, so she showed her how to fold her shirt up a bit to put stuff in.

Bleen said...

I think I bought that dress. Oops. :)