Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Special Agent Nathan

Last night, I was on the phone with my sister, and I missed a call from my brother.

This is the popular brother with all the nieces and nephews. He scuba dives, he got certified to sky dive, and he used to work for the Secret Service. Now he works for another government agency.

Anytime he's around, all the kids want to see his gun or his badge, while all I have to offer is my business card or the report I just edited.
(End Tangent)

When I called him back, he said he already got what he needed.

It turns out he is tracking a pedophile who fled authorities in Utah and is currently hiding out in California. They have his cell number, and they are going to find him by getting his location from it, but first he had to find out if it was still active. He wanted someone with a Utah number to call him, pretending to have called a wrong number. Before I called him back, he found someone to do it for him.

I was THIS CLOSE to having a part in a covert op.



Carrot Jello said...


Jessie said...

This made my WHOLE day! Lol. I used to do that at work when I was looking for fugitives that had jumped our bail before we sent the bounty hunters out... If I ever have to do it again, I'll totally know who to get to call for me :)

Rachel said...

Nathan, you are so great. This is hilarious. Now you know to not ignore his calls anymore!!!

Great to see you last week!