Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I don't know if this is just me, but ...

Whenever I have to go through Nordstrom to get to the mall, I break out in cold sweats. I have this feeling that at any minute a troop of security guards will tackle me and escort me off the premises because I don't belong.

As I hurry through the store with my head down and my shoulders hunched, I find myself wondering if I should dust a shelf or re-fold one of the sweaters, since that is the only reason I should ever have for being there.

I honestly don't know how people are able to afford buying such expensive clothes on a regular basis.

And speaking of expensive clothes, my wife laughs whenever she has to try something on at a designer store because she suddenly has to look at clothes that are several sizes smaller. She thinks it is funny that part of the price is paying for the "Size 0" label.


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Jessie said...

I totally feel that way there too! I feel that way at Macey's too, but maybe because I'm just that poor. lol. I haven't ever noticed the size difference before, but maybe when I need a little confidence boost, I'll check that out lol.