Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm supposed to go repelling tonight ...

In my new capacity working with the youth in my church, I have to (er ... I mean, I GET to) participate in activities each week.

Tonight, I get to go repelling.

For those who know me, asking me to succeed at any physical activity or exercise is like asking a kindergartner to solve a quadratic equation.

To illustrate, I give you this commercial:


The dad in this commercial would be me on the best day of my life. I laugh every time I see this one, and yet a little part inside of me dies with each viewing.

I have full confidence that tonight I will spend my evening face-planted against the side of the cliff slowly giving myself road rash as I inch my way to the ground.

My hope is that I will somehow be able to sell the lie that I got in an accident while speeding on my bullet bike or something.

Again, for those who know me, I'm pretty sure they'll see through the ruse.

Please excuse me while I go prepare myself emotionally for the pending public humiliation.


Jessie said...

Good luck! What is your calling now?

Nathan said...

I'm working in the priest's quorum. (It's not as bad as it sounds.)

Jessie said...

Yeah please ignore that haha. I saw your comment on the other post. I didn't think to check. Good luck!