Thursday, June 13, 2013

Messages from the Dead

So, my wife is a talented musician. I'm not biased (well, yes I am, but in this case I don't have to be).

I'm talented too. I have a pretty cool talent of being able to listen to music ... and really, REALLY appreciate it.

I know. You're jealous. What can I say?

Let's just say I hope our daughter gets her talent from the maternal side of our little family.
{End Tangent}

At this point, I'm used to people coming up and telling me how much they love hearing my wife sing or play one of her instruments. However, a while ago, I had a much more ... exotic experience.

I was in church, and a gentleman came up to me. I will call him Brother Screwloose (names changed to protect the innocent).

Brother Screwloose is a nice guy who likes to give organ lessons to pretty much anyone who is willing. His obsession with the organ is kind of endearing, and it is really sweet to see him so excited about an instrument.

Well, Brother Screwloose came over to me and said, "There is an organ workshop coming up, and I have a special invitation for your wife to attend. I spoke with Brother Fancypants, an extremely talented organist in the area, and he wanted me to extend a personal invitation to your wife."

"Wow, that's very nice of him," I replied. "I don't know if she is available, but I'll check with her, and if she can come, she will."

He responded, "I think it would be really important for her to attend. You see, Brother Fancypants died in 1972."

Yup. Some creepy organist felt this particular organ workshop was so important that he managed to send a message to this mortal coil through this kind brother to invite a woman he had never met to attend. Talk about dedication to his instrument!

At this point in the conversation, I swear I began to hear the theme song from the Twilight Zone.

I had no idea what to say. If I remember correctly, I simply said, "Thank you. I'll let her know."

How do you handle something like this?


Jessie said...

Bahahaha. The name you chose was very appropriate. Oh dear. That is all. I had the same music hit me at the exact moment I read it!

Holly said...

Uh, did she go??

Nathan said...

Oh, I guess that would be important to include. Nope, she didn't attend. Now the question is whether or not we're being haunted by a rogue ghostly organist. I'll have to start listening for eerie organ music.

Carrot Jello said...

I remember when our ward music chairman called to tell me he signed me up for a workshop taught by a master organist from BYU. He thought it was very important I attend, so he didn't wait to ask me, he just signed me up.
I said, "That's great, but shouldn't I learn to read notes or play the piano first?" :/