Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

It was Christmas, and I was 8.

I had opened up most of my gifts, including a Where's Waldo book and a Dino Rider (now there's a blast from the past), when my parents gave me an envelope. It held the first clue in a scavenger hunt that eventually lead me to the storage room.

Inside was a cage with my very own hamster. (My dad was allergic to pretty much every kind of animal, so this was the best I was going to get.)

It was instant love, and I'd spend the next 2 years with that little guy riding shotgun in my shirt pocket.

But the real question is, what did I name him?

I named him Waldo because of the book I got that same day.

Feel free to ooh and ahh at my dazzling creativity on that one.


Shorty said...

I think that was a sweet name. When my son was three he named his Beta Fish (hold on to your hat now...) Mr. Tractor Fish. Go figure...

Tangent: Yes, he was quite the little country boy from Texas; accent and all! We actually were just talking about that strong accent he used to have and wondered where it went. It's still there some days, especially when he's goofin' around, but he's not quite so hick anymore.

Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!

Anonymous said...

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