Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Encore: Extrovert with a Capital E

You know how I'm an extrovert? With a capital E?

I found out from my neighbor (a college professor) that he uses me as an example of extreme extraversion in his classes when they take and discuss personality tests.

Evidently, when we first moved into the neighborhood, he and his wife would always be able to tell when I got home from work to find my wife still running errands because I would always call them or drop by with some inane question or random comment.

Now, in order for them to see a pattern, this would have had to occur ... often.


What's worse, I have no memory of this, and I like to think I'm at least marginally self aware.

I'm thinking of getting a paper bag permanently attached to my head. It would be fitting, since who knows how many other people I keep hounding when (heaven forbid) I have to spend more than 2 minutes by myself.


Christie said...

BTW, I was thinking about your "spazoid" remark from the last E post, and thought you might find this interesting:


krystal said...

Even though I am not an extrovert, I appreciate the quality in you. That's a portion of why I married you, dear.

Nathan said...

Oh, that's good. I love how extroverts will "fade" if they have to spend time alone.

That makes me feel like a daisy or old paint.

Carrot Jello said...

Oh. You're one of those people.

Super Happy Girl said...

OOoh, can I get your autograph then?