Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"No, I say it by myself"

That is what my daughter told me this morning when I tried to help her with prayers.

She has developed an independent streak recently, and for those of you who know her, you may find this laughable.

"But Nathan, she was already stubborn/independent/bullheaded/insert-your-own-word-here."

Yes. I know.

We thought her previous "tude" was as pronounced as it was going to get. Evidently, the universe wanted to show us just how wrong we were (which seems to be a common theme in my life).

Needless to say, I wondered how well this prayer would go and how soon it would degrade into a monologue about her favorite toys and her current duties as a princess/queen/prince/mommy/dragon/monkey/frog/insert-make-believe-character-here.

Instead, we were pleasantly surprised when she rattled this puppy off:

"Dear Heavenly Father,

Grateful ah Food,

Grateful ah Dresses,

Grateful ah Shirts,

Healthy and Strong,

Grateful ah Rainbows,

No Kitties,

Grateful to color the knight, the elephant princess, the king, and the zebra queen,

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

(The reference to coloring has to do with some wood cutouts my wife got at the store for 49 cents. They are a hippopotamus knight, an elephant princess, a lion king and a zebra queen. Don't ask. Just nod and smile.)


Shorty said...

That's just too cute!

JMadd said...

Is she praying for a kitty, or praying not to have a kitty?

Christie said...

Love it! Your daughter is adorable, even if she is "independent." I watched a little girl who loved to insert "chicken nuggets" into every prayer in between other incomprehensible words.

Super Happy Girl said...

Awww that's cute.
Wait, why no Kitties?

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure she said "No Kitties" because ours was trying to get up onto the table, and she's the ideal enforcer of the "No kitties on the table" rule.