Friday, October 8, 2010

Extrovert with a Capital E

We took a personality test in my class, and we just went over the results.

When I opened the packet, the first page had a scale showing how far to one side or the other I scored in the four categories.

One of them was Introvert/Extrovert. When I saw my score, I was just a little embarrassed. I was as far over to the Extrovert side as the test allows.

According to the results, I should be one of those manic spaz-oids on a permanent caffeine high.

But then I thought about it and realized it's probably right.

I spend all day talking to students. When it's time to go home and I'm in the car by myself, what's my first impulse?

Call someone on the phone.

When I get home and my wife and daughter are out running errands, what is my reaction?

"Dang it. I'm by myself."

When my wife and I are in bed reading, what inevitably happens?

My book ends up on my lap while I continue my verbal diarrhea. My wife either makes a noncommittal grunt of acknowledgement every once in a while or she politely sets down her book and smiles at me with a strained expression, waiting for me to finally run out of steam.

I guess the title and subheading of my blog are just as applicable today as they were when I was a kid.


Christie said...

It's like we're living parallel lives! I almost didn't get a job once because on a personality test I scored higher on "social" than even the sales guys. They'd never seen a 9/9. And what accountant could possibly be like that?

Rachel said...

haha. We went over our MBTI results when I worked for the CLIC and everyone laughed when my E was off the charts.

Super Happy Girl said...

Get a shirt with your result printed on it.
People read.
Achievement Unlocked.

Super Happy Girl said...

BTW, I have been neglecting my blog reading for a few days and you are -by far- the blog with the most unread posts.