Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mars vs. Venus

Have you noticed that men have a compelling need to fix things?

Have you noticed that women have a compelling need to discuss concerns without coming to a conclusion?

These simple needs often place the two genders in direct opposition to each other. As a self-proclaimed fixer, I have to remind myself not to jump in and try to fix my wife's problems immediately ... and I have about a 2% success rate in doing this. Fortunately, she is also extremely forgiving.

My sister just showed me a video which validates men everywhere who deal with this.

Please note I did not say men are right. I simply said their feelings are validated. I want to be clear because the first would be a death wish, and the second is a completely necessary and understood emotion. (Hopefully I just safely navigated through that minefield. If I didn't, please leave me with my ignorance.)
{End Tangent}

The guy's complete confusion and eventual acquiescence is priceless.