Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jesus the Caveman

Yesterday, my wife and I took our daughter to a dinosaur museum. We had free tickets, so even though she is not quite old enough to fully enjoy it, we made it a family outing anyway.

In one room, we found the skeleton of a huge wooly mammoth surrounded by a bunch of human skeletons. They were all positioned so the human skeletons looked like they were attacking the mammoth with spears and rocks. I was holding my daughter and pointing at it when I heard her say, "Jesus."

We have pictures of Jesus throughout our house, and she loves pointing at him and naming him. However, at this point any bearded man is "Jesus" to her.
(End Tangent)

I stared at the skeletons, baffled that she would get a Jesus vibe from their boney structures. It was only when I turned to look at her that I realized she wasn't even looking at the skeletons. She was looking on the other wall where there was a mural depicting a prehistoric village.

Sure enough. Amongst all the other people, there was Jesus. Jesus the caveman.


krystal said...

We must be doing something right if she knows how to say "Jesus", right?

trublubyu said...

i love the perspective of children.

JMadd said...

I totally see it. You have a smart little girl.