Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nathan. Cooking. Oxymoron.

I'm not a cook, but I wanted to give my wife a break on Mother's Day, so I braved the kitchen and tried to make something that wouldn't immediately gag her. I also thought I would use another Shirley J product, since I have a million of them now.

For inspiration, I went over to Project Domestication and found this recipe for honey mustard chicken.

(Sorry to bombard you with links. I can't help myself sometimes.)

Anyway, it turned out surprisingly well. I've always said that the only things I can make are brownies and cookies, but now I guess I can add honey mustard chicken to the list.

Here's a picture, just in case you're curious (I had to mix corn in with the peas because I ran out of peas):


Shorty said...

Looks fabulous! A well deserved pat on the back to you!

JMadd said...

I think you need to stop being so hard on yourself about cooking. I've had some of your cookies and brownies and they were more than edible. Good job on the Mother's Day dinner. I'm sure your wife loved it!

trublubyu said...

yummmmm! what a keeper!

i may have to try that honey mustard chicken recipe.

No Cool Story said...

I bet she loved it.
Thanks for all the links, I am always adding recipes to my ever growing collection (it's an obsession)