Thursday, June 3, 2010

My living, breathing throw pillow

I've mentioned my cat before. My wife loves him unconditionally.

I don't love his shedding. When we first got him, I had this doe-eyed view of what it would be like. I got his bed all ready (made out of a cardboard box and a blanket), and I thought everything was set. Each night, I woke up repeatedly to find him smashed up against my leg. He was like those radiation blankets you have to wear when getting x-rays. I felt plastered to my mattress. Each night, I doggedly worked to kick him off the bed.


In the end, I realized I was on the losing end of the war, since I needed to get some sleep.

Last night, I was reading a book before falling asleep, and he wedged himself particularly deep in my armpit. Everything was fine until he started rubbing his head and neck along the book cover.

I couldn't help laughing as I watched him trying to get to second base with the binding.

1 comment:

Super Happy Girl said...

This post is just too cute! I wish I had a cuddly kitty.

I didn't know book bindings had bases. Hmmm.