Monday, June 7, 2010

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Recently, I introduced my daughter to the glories of 80s TV shows, with a heavy focus on My Little Pony and She-Ra.

(Do I know my audience, or what?)

We tried a little He-Man and BraveStarr, but those bombed out pretty quickly.

Thanks to Hulu, you can watch a number of the old She-Ra episodes online.

If you ever want a fun game to do on a mindless afternoon, get a She-Ra episode on and start counting the puns. If you don't get into the 30s or higher, you probably weren't paying attention.
(End Tangent)

On Sunday, my wife realized that all the She-Ra watching was probably altering our kid's brain.

After church, I was in meetings while my wife and daughter drove home. My daughter was looking at a picture of the Book of Mormon she colored in Nursery, and suddenly belted out (in her best She-Ra voice):

"THE POWER ... OF ... GOD!"

With the potency of my daughter's imagination, I'd bet money she fully expected a Pegasus with rainbow wings to appear beside her in the back seat.


Shorty said...

such a cool flashback! thanks for the trip down memory lane!

trublubyu said...

awesome! reminds me of my son's game "skeletons of god". we need to get them together- they would have an awesome time playing.

Super Happy Girl said...

I used to watch She-Ra as wee little Mexi back in my native Spanish. So I missed all the puns Nathan!