Friday, March 27, 2009

For my wife

First, my wife is an amazing cook, but she doesn't always believe it. She always talks about how her food is plain and she never does anything fancy (except for cupcakes and other fun treats).

I just noticed a blog for this company called Shirley J that sells soup bases and seasonings.

Note to wife: Don't read the next part unless you want a future birthday to be a little less surprising.

I know there is nothing better than to have people compliment your food and ask for the recipe. While people do this anyway for my wife, I think some of their mixes might make a nice gift for her and help her feel a little better about the food she makes.

As it turns out, they opened a new store in Orem, Utah and are having an open house, so I may need to stop by for a look (15 East 400 South in Orem, starting Monday, March 30 through Saturday, April 11).

Their story is kind of cool too. It turns out the company was started by a food scientist who wanted to sell some of his creations.

I think I'm most interested in the cheese soup mix, but some of the dutch oven stuff looks pretty enticing too.

The side benefit? Maybe if I actually used something like this, people would be able to stomach the stuff I whip up in the kitchen.

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Heather said...

This looks like a really cool store. I think your wife will love anything from here if it's like the stuff I buy from Tastefully Simple. You only have to add one or two ingredients and it's dinnertime!