Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

I'm easily amused, and I think my parents found this out at an early age.

A perfect example is our annual Easter egg hunt. I never knew there was anything odd about our family hunts until my wife and I were discussing Easter traditions.

Here is what we did:

At some point during the Easter holiday, my mom dug the giant bag filled with plastic eggs out of storage. One of my siblings would drag it outside and hide the eggs while I danced with excitement in the living room. Once I got the "all clear," I would dash outside in a frantic hunt for the eggs. After filling up my basket, I would dump the eggs back into the bag and they would go directly into storage, ready for next year.

Did you notice anything odd?

Yep ... no candy. Zip.

We would have candy in our Easter baskets, but none in the eggs. I never noticed, and probably wouldn't have cared if I did, because it was all about the hunt.

Even now, I don't feel gypped, but my wife sure thinks it's an odd way to do an Easter egg hunt.

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krystal said...

I think it's wonderful that you enjoyed hunting for Easter Eggs just for the excitement of the search. Most children wouldn't see the point, though. I love your enthusiasm.