Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Koval

I just found a bunch of videos by Matt Koval. He's pretty funny, to the point that I start to doubt whether it was a good idea for me to venture into this blogging thing (since I can't hope to match his delivery).

Here's one I really liked about catch phrases.


JMadd said...

We must be the same age because I remember all of those phrases! I had a friend who said "right on" well into the 2000's. He got made fun of a lot. You know what's super funny? When your parents still use the slang that was popular when they were teenagers. I swear my dad says "that's boss" like 6 times a day.

No Cool Story said...

Yeah, but he's the President of Talkaholics Anonymous?
I didn't think so.

Nathan said...

NCS, good point. :)