Friday, April 24, 2009


My wife has had influenza for more than a week.

Not the stomach version. The nasty one.

I've tried my best to take care of her and of our daughter and of our house, but this has been a great reminder of how much she does.

She's a saint, and it's rough to see her try to fall asleep in a sitting position since she can't breathe laying down. I don't like having to leave for work, knowing our daughter will bounce off the walls most of the day, preventing my wife from getting any rest.

I'll be relieved when she's better.

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krystal said...

I'll be happy when it's over, too. This is quite miserable. Thank you again for all of your help. It's tough to be a basically single parent while I am upstairs in bed feeling terrible- not helping. I saw a news story about a new strain of influenza in Mexico that's killing people. (It has developed from a version of the flu a pig gets.) I am very thankful I only have the traditional version.