Monday, August 24, 2009

The doctor said I'm "impressive"

Four years ago, I told my friend I thought I had a deviated septum. She told me I had to go to a doctor and get it fixed. Her exact words?

"It is SO worth it."

(Yeah ... so is exercise, and I avoid that like the plague.)

I put it out of my mind for a while (four years, to be exact), and tried to accept my status as a chronic mouth breather.

Just in case you didn't click on the link, here are the symptoms of a deviated septum:
1. Difficulty breathing
2. Nasal congestion
3. Frequent nosebleeds
4. Frequent sinus infections
(End Tangent)

Recently, I've been getting nosebleeds about every month, so I finally saw a specialist this week to find out if I really do have a deviated septum.

After going through all the x-rays and poking and prodding, the doctor finally appeared to discuss my options.

He launched into it, and I had to stop him and ask, "Wait, do I really have a deviated septum?"

His response?

" ... oh yeah ... an impressive one."

At one point, he asked the nurse if I tested positive for a sinus infection, and she said yes.

What? A sinus infection? I thought it was just another Wednesday.

So, not only did I impress the doctor with the deviation of my septum, but I also found out there is a reason I feel crappy all the time.

My surgery is scheduled for October.

In the paperwork, they have a list of stuff I'm not supposed to do. Here is my favorite one:

"You will need to avoid glasses or sunglasses which rest on the bridge of your nose for two weeks. We will instruct you in the method of taping the glasses to your forehead to avoid pressure and pain on the nose."

I think I'd rather be blind for two weeks.


JMadd said...

I really feel like that look could work for you. I'm sure the tape would also work like a Biore strip, leaving your pores really clean.

trublubyu said...

wow- you diagnosed this yourself four years ago.

you know what that means-- you are in the wrong profession. you really are a doctor.

good luck in october.