Monday, January 4, 2010

Consequences of the Flu

Growing up, I got sick just about every Christmas holiday break.

Many times, I was curled up with a vomit pan while the rest of the family opened gifts.

And since my family usually converged in one house from all over the planet, my flu would be the gift that kept on giving ... to pretty much everyone else in the family.

(You're welcome for that visual.)

However, I've evidently built up a ton of antibodies because I don't get really sick like that very much anymore.

That is until this year. I got hit bad with something that took me out all last week.

I'm still recovering, which means I'm winded just walking into work from the parking lot.

Now I know for a fact how the flu saps my desire to get on the computer and type something up for the blog.

In fact, since I'm still in space cadet land, I'm not even proofreading this post before I hit "Publish" so, for all I know, I just spent the last five minutes talking about flying cows and psychedelic corn stalks.


Christie said...

Feel better soon!

trublubyu said...

hope you continue to get feeling better.

krystal said...

I'm so sorry, dear. Tonight you can come home again and go straight to bed!