Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Scientific Comparison

I have a hyperactive eye for detail. Don't ask me how, but I notice if my toothbrush has been moved even a fraction of an inch.

(Incidentally, I promptly throw it away because this means my daughter found it again and used it to brush our cat.)


Aside from being specially attuned to my tools for oral hygiene, this unhealthy attention to detail shows up in other ways.

You may remember my now famous comparison of a certain Muppet and a Hollywood celebrity.

You aren't? Well then, click on the link and prepare to be amazed.

I also have another comparison for you, but it's only funny if you've seen Zoolander.

Have you ever noticed that some actors have a specific default facial expression when their on screen?

No? Just me?

Allow me to illustrate.

Michael Vartan's face for 90 percent of Alias:

Elijah Wood's face for 96 percent of The Lord of the Rings:

Whenever I see these kind of faces (which usually mirror some form of constipation) I nickname them Blue Steel (the name for Ben Stiller's signature look in Zoolander).


Jill said...

I love Michael Vartan 4-ever

politicchic6 said...

In each example I notice that the actor has 'concerned eyebrows'. As a former high school thespian, I can vouch for the concerned eyebrow. The concerned eyebrow can cover awkward acting moments or a horrible script.