Thursday, January 14, 2010

My (secret) super powers

At the risk of divulging government secrets or causing national panic, I'm coming clean.

They have since disappeared, but I guess I had some pretty cool super powers when I was little. At least that's what I confessed to my mom one day.

My mom was innocently sitting in her office (probably sewing yet another hole I made in one of my shirts), when I came barging in, brimming with enthusiasm.

"Mom!" I said. "I have to tell you something."

My mom, who never knew what was going to come out of her youngest child's mouth, politely replied, "Oh really? What is it?"

In my most somber tones, I said, "I really think I have the eyes of a hawk and the speed of a puma."

Now, for those of you who never saw Bravestarr, the previous statement is probably baffling to you (as it was to my mother).

It was some TV show in which the hero could call on specific powers when needed (eyes of a hawk, speed of a puma, strength of a bear and ears of a wolf).

I honestly don't remember this show and have no memory of ever watching it.

However, in an effort to claim my lost childhood, I sat down one morning with my daughter and found a couple episodes on YouTube.

Now I know why I only remembered his super powers and forgot the rest of the show. It was awful!

The tragic end of this story came when my daughter didn't want me to turn it off.

There's a lesson in here somewhere about apples and trees and how one doesn't fall far from the other, but I'm drawing an intentional blank.


Calamity Jane said...

See, I get where that would make for some good tv. It totally reminds me of my favorite...the wonder twins and if they could get their fists together he could turn into any thing made of frozen water, and she could turn into an animal. Then she could turn into a hawk and he turned into a bucket of water...(hmm, bucket must have been some unmentioned sibling). Any way they put out fires and saved people like that.

Love your I almost want to show my kids the wonder twin episodes, but I don't want it to lose the wonderfulness to a cynical 6 year old. (not that dragon ball z can hold a candle to the wonder twins)

trublubyu said...

a-ha. the bravestarr post. why the double r?

Carrot Jello said...

Ooh, my sister and I think alike.
Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Nathan said...

Oddly enough, that's how they spelled the show's name.

Rachel said...

Nathan, when I was a child I also confessed to my mother that I had super powers.

So, I ADORE you and your family and was so glad you all came to the party. You were hits, as always. So grateful we can still be bffs.