Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A moment of bliss (which swiftly ended)

This morning, I nearly cried like a little kid who just got a pony or one of those motorized power wheels (I still wish my parents would have bought me one of those).

I was getting my stuff together for work, when my daughter quietly padded up to me and with head bowed, whispered, "Daddy? I go to store ... with you?"

I gently told her that I wasn't going to the store but that I was going to work, thinking that would be the end of it.

Her quick reply was, "Daddy? I go to work ... with you?"

Hold on a minute ... I have something in my eye ...
(End Tangent)

So I replied, "Oh, I'd love to take you with me to work, but I can't."

Then I tried to change the subject by telling her we needed to go change her diaper.

That's when the moment of bliss hit the metaphorical brick wall.

After that, it was all screams and complaints to go see Mommy and escape from the guy who would dare clean her bottom.

This post will be for when she is older, and I can remind her that at one point, she actually wanted to spend time with me.

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Shorty said...

Awwww... how sweet. (the first part, of course.) I must confess that I long for more of those sweet moments, too, as my son is almost 12 and really only wants to hang out with me when he's bored or needs to go buy something. (Thankfully he still lets me tuck him in at night and we say prayers together!) He tries to make me feel loved and wanted, but I quickly realize as we chat that I'm uncool and goofy which causes him embarrassment on a pretty regular basis. I guess I do find a bit of joy in embarrassing him like that, because being goofy comes so naturally to me!