Monday, April 12, 2010

Battle of the Sexes

When I was single and in college, a bunch of people got together to play Battle of the Sexes.

It's a game where the guys are on one team and the girls are on another. Then the guys have to answer questions that only girls typically know and girls have to answer guy-type questions.

Since the game was hosted in the apartment of the girl I liked (i.e. my wife), I felt some extra pressure to do well at the game. My idiot brain told me this would make me appear more sensitive and would show her how much we potentially had in common.

Fortunately, she never got the memo that girls are supposed to like bad boys who wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles.

If she had, my plan would have been doomed.
(End Tangent)

We were well into the game, when it was the guys' turn to answer a question. By this point, the stress and adrenaline had turned me into one of those nervous little dogs who shake uncontrollably all the time.

With my senses on high alert and my body on some kind of natural caffeine high, the girls asked the following question:

"What were the names of the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty?"

I blurted out the answer without thinking of the repercussions it would have on my social life:

"Flora, Fauna and Merryweather!"

In unison and in slow motion, the entire room turned toward me and gave me one of these:

The moral? Some things don't make you look sensitive and approachable. They just make you look odd and a little unbalanced.


Shorty said...

I'm guessing your wife wasn't scarred too terribly bad. And I must admit I'm impressed! I'm a fan of the classic Disney movies, and I would be so pleased if my husband would join me in that opinion. I'm not going to hold my breath tho...

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

lol. Don't you love those moments!

Rachel said...

hahahahah I LOVE THIS!

politicchic6 said...

Don't feel bad, that movie is a classic... (that was me, trying to make you feel better).