Monday, April 26, 2010

Boy Crazy

My daughter has made no secret about her interest in boys.

She's only 2 years old.

Does anyone else have a numbing sense of anxiety about those last two sentences? Maybe that only happens to the father (or mother) of the boy crazy 2-year-old. I'm guessing everyone else is too busy laughing at our predicament to feel any fear.

Exhibit A: In my church, 12 year old boys pass the Sacrament to the congregation. For a while now, she has been interested in watching them and has even tried to chat some of them up while they line up next to our pew.

Exhibit B: This one just happened yesterday. My daughter was in the nursery during the last part of church. There was a new little boy in the group, and she immediately latched onto him, following him around, playing with him, giving him hugs, etc. The nursery leaders even heard her tell him, "You're my prince and I'm so happy!"

Obviously, I can't lock my daughter up in the basement. I have a plan in place to keep the boys at bay, but I didn't even consider my own daughter's boy craziness. Any advice on how to stifle this (at least until she's the appropriate age)?


JMadd said...

I think it's a good sign that she's showing interest in boys. But, um, maybe you could have Brad Wilcox come give a fireside in your living room about chastity. Or just tell her that until she's 18 she can catch a serious case of the cooties from boys. That might keep her interest at bay for a while.

Christie said...

Don't tell the husband (actually he already knows), but I think your story sounds vaguely familiar. I remember telling my grandma and cousins about all five of my boyfriends. When I was in kindergarten. Luckily my healthy (=unhealthy) guilt complex still kept me from dating until I was 16. So you still have time to instill that guilt complex!