Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm asking for it.

This guy I supervise at work went on vacation all last week. By now, if someone goes on vacation for an extended period of time they know there is a certain risk.

If I'm not swamped, part of my brain automatically starts thinking about what I can do to their desk. For me, teasing is a Pavlovian response.

This guy is amazingly fast at all his projects. Every time I give him something to do, I have learned it will take about 2 hours less than if someone else did it.

That may or may not have influenced what I ended up doing.

It's nothing big, but here is the finished product:


Christie said...

I think that's a great prank. The kind Shawn should be able to laugh it. Good show.

Super Happy Girl said...

Dang, I knew I should have read this posts in order.