Thursday, July 22, 2010

My 15 Minutes of Fame

I just read about dentists, singing geriatrics, brownies that are hard enough to chip teeth, music from the 50s, clean dishes and dirty laundry on Carrot Jello's blog ... all in one post. It gave me a flashback that I thought I'd share:

Once when I was in middle school, I donated $5 to the local classical station. They were having their donation marathon, and I had it set as the station for my alarm (don't judge).

A few days after I sent in the donation, I woke up to hear them talking about me on the radio, essentially saying that if some 12-year-old boy could donate $5 then surely "you" could find some money to contribute.

And that's how I wasted my 15 minutes of fame.


Rachel said...

I LOVE this! You are amazing!

Katelin Floy said...

Cool story, Hansel. I like you :)

Christie said...

Aha. That's great!

Super Happy Girl said...

Well this is a nice story.
Way to go 12 yea old Nathan!