Thursday, July 29, 2010

Senseless to you, but sacred to me

Last week, Holly, who has this amazing ability to balance witty humor with thoughtful insight, saw this article and wrote her thoughts about her own sacred places.

(Shamelessly stealing her description of the article)

The article, which you really should read even though I know you probably won't, is about how we all have these specific sacred places that are related to a life-changing memory.

She shared some of her own personal sacred places, and I was so moved, I thought I would share some of mine.

  1. The huge tree in my backyard when I was young that had a perfectly shaped branch for sitting and thinking up near the top.
  2. My upstairs childhood bedroom where I spent a night on my knees, talking with my Maker.
  3. A little house in Atikokan, Ontario where I struggled to figure out how to get some of the most bitter members of the LDS church I'd ever met to cooperate. This was also the house where I felt like the words of my prayers were not only heard but listened to with perfect attention.
  4. The picnic table where I first told my future wife I loved her.
  5. The hospital room where I saw my baby for the first time.

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