Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garth and Kat - IRL

Have you seen Garth and Kat on Saturday Night Live?

I love watching Kristen Wiig try to guess what Fred Armisen is about to say.

Well ...

Last week I had an "In Real Life" Garth and Kat moment. I was driving with my daugher, singing every song I could think of with her, when she said she wanted to sing a song about the horse in the ocean.

Um ... ???

I told her I didn't know that one, so she said she would sing it for me. She proceeded to belt out a song about a horse falling into the ocean with a whole lot of other randomness thrown in.

Then she said, "Now it's your turn to sing it with me, daddy."

And off we went, my daughter doing her best Garth impression with me tripping all over myself trying to keep up.

As near as I can remember, here is how it went:

There was a hoooorrrrsssseee
Who fell in the ooooccceannnnn
He fell down and doooooowwwwnnnnnn
Into the oooooccceeeeeaaaannnn
It was daaarrrrrrrrkkkkkk
And we tried to find hhhhiiiiiiimmmmm
The horse was in the ooooocccceeeeeaaannnnnn
And when we found hhhhhhiiiiimmmm
We said we would keep him sssssaaaaaaffffffeeeee

I'm copyrighting these lyrics, so don't even think of trying to get it on the radio. I'm betting this will top the Billboard charts sometime next year.

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J said...

Oh my goodness she is hilarious! And that bit on SNL is one of my favs :)

When ur wife and daughter came to visit the other day your daughter brought me two Barbies to play with so I wouldn't get bored. :)