Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Request

There is a friend of mine who is pregnant and currently on bedrest. She can't get up to do more than take a quick shower, and as a result, she is EXTREMELY bored.

... so much so that she has burrowed through my entire blog history and read every post.

Can you believe the dedication that takes? I can't even fathom how painful it must be to overdose on the ramblings of Nathan's mind.

The fact that she is still coherent probably means she has an industrial strength brain and should be studied by neuroscientists.

Obviously, she is testing her mental limits because she just sent me an email requesting more posts.

So, Jessie, because you asked and because it breaks my heart to think that you are bored enough to WANT to read this drivel, I'm going to make a greater attempt to increase my blogging regularity.

Think of your email as my blog Metamucil (despite the horrible mental image that phrase just conjured for me).

1 comment:

Jessie Mae said...

Hahaha! Thanks Nathan :) I am EXTREMELY bored, but your postings and stories make me laugh so it helps :)