Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is where we went on vacation. Just looking at this picture brings back all the relaxation from last week.

I felt like a pile of Jello for a few days, but I had zero guilt.

However, my daughter didn't get the memo that we were on a relaxing vacation. She stayed a bouncy ball of energy the entire time. Fortunately, my wife is a genius and brought markers, playdough, bubbles, fairy wands, movies and her scooter, so we were able to manage even my daughter's manic personality pretty well.

Watching her flit from activity to activity gave me even more appreciation for my mom. I was pretty much identical, and I don't know how she kept up with me.


Rachel said...

where did you go?!? Glad you kept her entertained.

Nathan said...

We went to Palm Desert in California. No where exotic, but it was definitely good enough for us.