Monday, May 3, 2010

Patting Myself on the Back

Since most of this blog focuses on exposing my own embarrassing stories for public ridicule, I thought I would share two compliments I received in the past that I was just reminded about the other day.

Bear in mind, my legitimate compliment list is pretty meager, so this will not be an extended habit.

Compliment #1:

When my wife and I were engaged, she confided in me that she always prayed about the boys she dated to see if she would be happy marrying them. In every case, she received the answer, "Yes, you will be happy." Then she would ask, "But will I be the happiest I can be?" The inevitable response was always, "No." That is ... until yours truly came around. In my case, she got a resounding "Yes, you will be as happy as you can be."

I will forever be grateful that she received that answer because it would be impossible for me to find anyone that could make me happier than my wife. This thought was triggered by Laughing at Life's Little Wedgies. She tells a great story about her own experience meeting her future husband and waiting for the right one.

The moral: Don't settle.

Compliment #2

During our reception, there were four other receptions going on in the Mormon community that same evening in my wife's hometown. She grew up in a rural area, and her dad was good friends with a "persnickety" old farmer. After going to all the receptions, he pulled my wife's dad aside and said, "I've been to all the receptions tonight, and your son-in-law is the only one that isn't a dud."

Bear in mind that is probably the biggest compliment I could have received from him.

The moral: Be really happy at your reception to the point that you eagerly greet all of the strangers that already know your new wife really well. Being giddy enough to have a perma-smile plastered on your face couldn't hurt either (allegedly).


Rachel said...

yay! I love this post!

trublubyu said...

those are some awesome compliments. especially the dud one. love it.

and thanks for the shout out!

i was just telling the husband this weekend that i want to go out with you and your wife when we are up there this summer. think you might have some time for a dinner?

Nathan said...

Most definitely! We've gotta eat, right? :)

trublubyu said...

k, but, what if you didn't have to eat? would you still go with us? hypothetically speaking.

Nathan said...

I think we could still make a little room in our busy schedules. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Carrot Jello said...

Funny, I was just telling my husband that I want go out with you and your wife.
Of course, he was all,
"Who's Nathan?"
and I'm all,
"He's my pretend friend!"
and he's all,
"Are we going to go out to a pretend dinner?"
O.k., not really.
You sound nice though. As does your wife.
Nice pretend friends. Just what I need.
Low maintenance.

Super Happy Girl said...

Aww Nathan!!! I love that :)

When I first read there was going to be no public ridicule story I was all "but that's what I came for!"

You did good.

Shorty said...

Such great stories! Thanks for sharing. And so glad you have compliments to report!!! Have faith... I'm sure there are more you could dig up.