Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wedding Videos ... The New "Vacation Slides"

A friend of mine told me about a wedding dinner he went to recently where part of the program (the phrase "PART of the program" will have alarming connotations by the end of this story) involved watching the couple's wedding video.

The video went on for 45 minutes.



It reminded me of the old days when people would get you to come over to their house so they could subject you to 485 slides depicting their latest vacation to Death Valley.

Part of me wonders if forcing this kind of torture on people has the ability to lower their IQ a few points (someone should do a study).


greatest info said...
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JMadd said...

I might not be going to anymore wedding dinners if this is the new trend.

Super Happy Girl said...

That's just wrong. They should be 6 minutes max.

I bet they covered from birth to potty training, school days, sports, graduation, work....ARGGG! Make it stop.

trublubyu said...

kinda presumptuous. i don't even think i watch the wedding video when it is playing off in the corner.