Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Potty Training

(While I'd love to blog about something cool or hip, this is all I've got today.)

My daughter has shown absolutely no interest in potty training. Rather than push her into it, we've decided to wait until she shows signs of being ready.

The way this tactic is going, I'm starting to wonder if she'll head off to 6th grade someday still strapped into Huggies.

My wife recently bought a book about potty training at one of those neighborhood "parties" where people try to get you to buy stuff.

The book has a little boy who is tired of wearing diapers because they get soggy and smelly. They also get in the way. The boy realizes that his pets and stuffed animals don't wear diapers, so he decides he can be potty trained.

The book ends with him on his little potty.

My daughter has her father's swift synapses and is totally missing the point of this book.

Instead of realizing the freeing benefits of a diaperless world, she only had one thing to say when my wife finished reading the book to her:

"Where's his mommy? Where's his mommy? She needs to change his diaper. Where's his mommy?"


Super Happy Girl said...

Well, that is a good and valid point.

Or his mommy went to the mall. She's saving a whole lotta money by not buying diapers...

Christie said...

Bahaha! I'm so sorry, but you have a very clever one on your hands.

trublubyu said...

potty training. hate it.

JMadd said...

My mom said that I didn't get the point until she bought me some really fancy, ruffled, lacy underpants, took of the diaper, put on the fancies, and told me not to get them dirty. She said that girls have a natural affinity for keeping nice things nice, so the first time I got my fancy pants messy, I decided I'd try using the potty. Your daughter seems like she would have an affinity for keeping fancy pants fancy.