Friday, October 24, 2008


I got this Bookworm thingy from Shorty at Securityville. The rules are that I need to open the nearest book to page 56 and copy the fifth, sixth and seventh sentence for two people besides my wife that read this thing. I'll warn you now, this one's not that interesting. The nearest book is one that I have on my desk at work. It's called Trust or Consequences by Al Golin. Here goes ...

I know organizations that have ignored building more open relationships with customers. I've seen firms that had not once held a town hall meeting with employees. Their rationale was: Business is good, why should we mess around with this "other stuff?"

There you have it. Now you see how boring my life really is.

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Talullah said...

Fear not my friend. My book is just as boring, if not more. It is the BMJ Clinical Evidence Handbook. Page 56 refers to Varicose veins. I'll spare you the particulars but the sentences refer to obesity and compression stockings.