Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wrestling Matches at Church

My daughter does NOT ever stop moving (even when she's asleep). At only weeks old, we would go get her in the morning and find that she had wriggled her way across the entire crib and flipped herself around so she was facing an entirely new direction. Her increased mobility has only served to increase the range of her movement with no decrease. It's like her energy is growing exponentially with her physical growth. I have a theory that the heavens replaced her spleen, pancreas or some other removable organ with firecrackers.

At church, I sit near this guy with a daughter in the same age range as my own. All of his kids just sit. They don't ever move. EVER. Every week, I watch in shock as this little girl starts closing her eyes and nodding her head until she falls asleep. All without a peep. Meanwhile, I spend the entire time in a wrestling match with my little one. By the time I go home, I need about a gallon of water to replace all the fluids I lost from sweating.

At one point, I mentioned how jealous I was that his daughter would just sit there and fall asleep. His response?

"Oh ... well ... It's because this is her nap time."

Are you kidding me? I wanted to reply with one word. "Exactly!"

My daughter fights her naps at church every step of the way. She's a prize fighter in this, and I suppose I should get her a giant gold belt. I guess this guy didn't realize that the squirmy girl in my arms was tired too. Tired and cranky.


Krystal said...

Every word of that is truth- and you get the brunt of it during church. Sorry, dear!

Nathan said...

That may be true, but you get to deal with it during the day the rest of the week. This helps me remember to appreciate all of that.

trublubyu said...

gotta love the church wrestling matches. good luck.