Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Need a Show Like You Like a Hole in the Head

When watching TV, I'm embarrassed to say the bar has the potential to be set extremely low. In some cases, it's pretty much just resting on the ground. For example, when that "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" was on, I saw almost every episode. It had no redeemable value, and yet I would find myself watching every minute, waiting to see which guy in the overgrown diaper would drop their pitcher of milk first.

Do you think the Bible says anything about pointless TV being a sign of the Apocalypse? If so, I missed it.

I tell you this, so you have a little context. Tonight, the wife and I were waiting for The Office to start, and happened upon a new show on FOX called, "Hole in the Wall." I guess it was originally a show in Japan. Two teams of three people try to make it through various shaped holes in foam walls. These walls glide toward the contestants, and if they don't make it through the prescribed hole, they fall into the pool behind them.

Normally, I would have sat there in stupefied silence as the players (some of whom are of the larger variety) try to fit through the stick figure shapes. However, I could only last for about 10 seconds before I had to change the channel.

Why, you ask?

I have now found my limit. Combine cheesy hosts/announcers with corny repetitive lines and toss in the fact that they have no concept of what an "inside voice" is, and you have an experience that makes nails on a chalkboard sound like Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.
That said, I'm not a TV producer, so I guess until I am one, I should probably keep my opinions to myself.
Oops ... oh well.


trublubyu said...

so, thank you for being my first male follower. that is awesome.

and secondly, chris and i also watched that i survived a japanese gameshow show. what was it that made us tune in every week? i dunno. maybe it was just because it was on tivo and there was nothing else on due to writers strikes.

anyway, thanks again. have a lovely day.

Nathan said...

The honor is all mine. You're hilarious, and I get a kick out of your timing in your posts.

I love the stories and figure it's probably time I make myself known and not stalk you without your knowing.

Happy writing!