Monday, February 23, 2009

Embarrassing Confession

Growing up, my best friend was a girl. I only say that because it may add a little context to this confession.

My favorite game in elementary school was Chinese Jump Rope. Back then, the biggest challenge in life was getting two friends to stand still with the elastic around their ankles long enough for me to have my turn. Do you think anyone still plays this?


krystal said...

I loved that game. I have no idea how to play it now, I've forgotten everything, but I remember really liking it.

No Cool Story said...

I LOVE that game! One of the bestest games in elementary school.
Oh man. We had 'tournaments' and everything :)

How good were you?

Meg K said...

Funny, just played that on Saturday night out of the blue....and where on earth did you get the picture of a skinny boy with socks and tevas????

Nathan said...

Meg, it's good to see the tradition still lives on, and don't you remember that picture? You were the one with the tight striped shorts. (just kidding)

I just found it on the Internet. It was the most pathetic looking of the bunch.