Thursday, February 5, 2009


I used to think I was a pretty diverse person ... a modern Renaissance man if you will. I took a variety of classes in college, I listen to all kinds of music, and I even know how to replace a GFCI outlet (I know. Aren't you impressed? If you want, you can name your kids after me.)

But I've realized I'm in a rut. The Grand Canyon of ruts. Except no one will come visit me and take pretty pictures.

All I do is work, eat, sleep, and occasionally shovel all the stupid snow we get all winter (in the summer, this changes to "mow all the stupid grass we have growing all summer").

So, now I'm going out on a limb. I've never asked a question of the 1.658 readers I have (one of which is my wife), but I feel compelled to ask one for my own sanity.

What new activity should I try?

My wife and I are always interested in trying new things at least once. Any good ideas?

Just remember I'm poor, so don't suggest "Swim with the dolphins in Tahiti."


Rachel said...

Well, being a temple worker is my favorite thing I have ever done. It is just perfection. You could try that out. Also started doing a bit of family history work...but I think you're already a pro at that. :)

You could take up jogging?

trublubyu said...

oh, after i just read what rachel said about the temple i'm feeling lame about my little suggestion. it's kinda a bit more worldly. but, anyway, you should take dance lessons with your wife. or be a temple worker.

JMadd said...

I'm gonna go with dance lessons since it is something you and your wife can do together. Since you still have children at home, your wife wouldn't be able to work in the temple. You could also do Toastmasters. I don't really know much about it, but since you're a talkaholic, it might be right up your alley. I guess they get together every once in a while and give speeches for each other. I think they meet at Denny's.

Marisa said...

Well of course you should be a temple worker...but if your looking for something else I would ask, what have you always wanted to do and never done it? This may be weird but I just checked out a blog that had 101 things this lady is going to do in 1,001 days. Some of them may be girly but it might get your brain going...good luck!

JMadd said...

And I didn't make that thing up about women with children still at home not being able to work in the temple. It's a church policy. That's why you only see really young women and really old women working there, whereas there is a pretty good mix of guys. I told my husband that we need to start working in the temple ASAP before we have kids. Otherwise, I probably won't be working there until I'm in my 50's.

Mike & Beckie said...

I like dance lessons too. I wish the spouse would dance with me, but instead I have to dance with Wally or the dog, whichever is willing the moment.

How about painting, that could be fun together. Belle can also join too!