Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cult Chronicles

I was just reminded about my sister's ex-mother-in-law, and thought she would make a great set of recurring posts.

If you step back and think about her story, it's actually really sad, but we had to cope, and finding the humor in it really helped.

The Background:

My sister's ex-mother-in-law was a very religious woman. She lived in Arizona and aside from her two adult kids, she had one still in high school. While visiting Utah, she picked up a book in a religious bookstore called "The Lost Teachings of Jesus." It turns out the book was planted by a cult based in Montana. She read it, liked it and began studying with the local chapter in Arizona.

Long story short, she got her last child to graduate high school early and sent her off to college so she could leave her husband and join this group up in Montana.

The Story:

This cult's job is to protect the world from alien invasion.

I guess we all need to send them a thank you card or something because it is definitely working.

I haven't been invaded yet. Have you?

So, how do they accomplish this?

They chant.

Along with some other pretty wacky behavior, I have a number of funny stories to tell.

Periodically, I'll post these stories as Cult Chronicles until I run out of material.


JMadd said...

I googled the cult, and boy, are they wacky! Stuff about the purple candle flame and what-not. Anyhoo... my friend was telling me that her sister-in-law joined a pagan cult that worships women, and the SIL's boyfriend nominated her as their new prophetess. The boyfriend's name is Dragon Breath. I think. It's Dragon something.

trublubyu said...

woohoo! looking forward to cult chronicles!

krystal said...

These really do make for some great stories! I still feel bad for your poor sister, though, who had to deal with that crazy family.