Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cult Chronicles

My sister's ex-mother-in-law joined a cult that protects the world from alien invasion.

One day, she was riding in the car with my sister, and she said, "Do you see those clouds?"

My sister looked out the window at the white, puffy clouds and said, "Yeah, they're beautiful!"

To which her ex-mother-in-law replied, "Well, those aren't really clouds. They're actually alien spacecraft, sent to observe us."

My sister was speechless.

So, now I have to ask. How would you have responded?


Heather said...

If it was my mother I would have rushed her to the nearest emergency room to have her head scanned. But since we are talking about someone else I would have laughed and laughed or I would have tried to keep a straight face and then prodded them on to get them to keep talking

krystal said...

Everyone reading your blog probably thinks this is the height of weirdness. Just wait. It gets even better!