Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll never forget.

I was in Canada. I got a call saying the U.S. was being invaded (before they knew what was going on). I saw the second plane hit. I cried. I think part of it was the shock.

That morning in the car, I saw plane after plane landing at the airport. It turns out they were grounding all flights. I remember looking around at all the people calmly jogging or walking their dogs and realizing they probably still didn't know what was happening.

I felt very small in a huge world.

But we banded together and became stronger through it. Trials tend to do that.

I just hope we haven't lost that strength. With all the noise from people trying to blame others besides the terrorists responsible, I worry that we have.

I remember where I was that morning, do you?

And I'll never forget.

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