Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Office Outtakes

For those of you who missed the predecessor to Office Outtakes (Cult Chronicles) go here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

These stories are about a specific coworker I used to have. She was a sweet girl, but she ... (how do I put this?) ... didn't have a verbal filter.

Here's an example:

Let's start with her first day on the job.

That's right. She didn't even know where her desk was before giving me a story to share.

This coworker of mine, we'll call her Tiffany, showed up for her first day and immediately began her orientation meeting with HR.

After covering all the policies, here is how the conversation went directly down the toilet:

HR: So, do you have any questions?

Tiffany: Yes I do. I was wondering if you could tell me, what is everyone's religious affiliation and sexual preference?

HR: ... um ... Why do you ask?

Tiffany: Well, I just wanted to find out, so I can make sure not to say anything that would be offensive to them.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it would be better to avoid saying offensive things about religious affiliations or sexual preferences in the first place. Another good rule of thumb is to not ask for private information from HR.


Shorty said...

I like this new series! Can't wait for more stories! I, too, have a coworker without a verbal filter. He's one of those elderly country-style men who thinks he's being funny most of the time, but really he's offending about 1/3 of the people standing around him.

JMadd said...

Do I know who this is?

Nathan said...

JMadd. I don't think so. She was gone a long time ago.

But her memory lives on.

trublubyu said...

lucky day! new series. can't wait for more!

you should do an installment about a tall guy who only shows up in your office like one or two weeks out of the whole year. like in the summer time. and who is hot. i'd love to hear that one.

Heather said...

Ah yes, the co-worker without a filter. Every office has one of those. Ours is rather amusing. She does need even think about what she is saying before she just blurts it out. SOmetimes funny and sometimes very uncomfortable!