Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Colorful Socks

Recently I bought some new socks. Unfortunately, the only ones that were on sale had some pretty bold stripes on them, and I worried about causing undue attention to my clown-sized feet.

I'm tall and skinny.

So are my feet.

I'm positive they would fit perfectly in those insanely long shoes.
(End Tangent)

So, who could have predicted they would become my favorite socks?

I've almost been tempted to start pegging my pants like I did in the 80s, just so I can show them off a little more. Almost.

The only thing stopping me is calling attention to those blasted clown feet.


Christie said...

Striped socks are just better. Whenever I wear mine I find myself acting a little crazier . . . a little more rebellious . . . because, hey, I'm not wearing plain black or white socks like the other suckers at work.

Shauna said...

I wish I had socks that I loved. I was just thinking today how I don't understand how my sock drawer is so full of socks that I don't like. I actually have a whole section of ugly socks that I call "boot socks" because they get the job done but I don't ever want them seen. That got me thinking -- don't you hate it when you are wearing really ugly boot socks and you go to visit a friend who has a "shoes off please" house? The first time I visited Mike's family I learned this lesson the hard way. Always wear good socks when you are going to meet new people. You never know if they need to make their debut.