Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My New Favorite TV Show

When I first flipped over to Modern Family, I wasn't anticipating much and was pleasantly surprised.

Mainly, I was thrilled to see that they end most episodes with a moral for making families better.

A coworker of mine also made a good point. With the TV industry trying to be cutting edge, it is refreshing that in a show called Modern Family there is still a family where a husband and wife haven't been divorced and have a few kids together. That used to be the norm and some people may forget it still exists.

Here's the preview:

I also loved watching this guy become a Costco convert:


Shauna said...

I absolutely LOVE this show. I look forward to the episodes each week and what new Cameron line I am going to start quoting. "I'm big. I'm not fancy, but I dare you not to like me" and "Surprise". Mike and I still say that to each other. My only complaint is that it is double booked with Glee so I watch them both on Hulu with hardly any commercials...problem solved!

Shorty said...

This show is amazingly hilarious! I watched the first episode, but haven't been able to catch the ones after that... need to look them up on Hulu! I hope this show sticks around for years to come.

Carrot Jello said...

I made a point not to watch this show.
Because I am morally superior and all.
But that last clip was funny.

Holly said...

"look at all these diapers!!!"

"look at how cheap they are!!!"