Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Potty Humor

I should probably be ashamed to admit this.

When I was 6 years old, I remember being confused about the toilet. There were so many parts on hinges (well ... two, but for someone that small, two might as well have been 50).

I had a pretty good idea about the lid, but I couldn't figure out why the seat could be moved up and down.

Then one day I had a moment of brilliance.

Of course!

The seat was a "training seat" for little kids like me. Adults don't need it, so they lift it up and sit directly on the porcelain!

After congratulating myself on solving a mystery that would leave Sherlock Holmes green with envy, I smugly decided I was too big for the "training seat" as well.

So, the next time I had to go, I flipped both lid and seat up, and plunked right down on the cold, shiny bowl.

That's when I almost fell right into the water.

That's also when the freezing bowl nearly made my lips turn blue.

After that disconcerting experience, I decided I would never be too old for the "training seat" and I've been using it faithfully ever since. I just couldn't figure out why grownups would punish themselves like that by having to perch precariously on the lip while trying to keep their teeth from chattering.

That's a mystery I doubt even the great Sherlock Holmes could solve.

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