Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PSA: Rules of the Road

Just to clarify ...

If you are in a car, this:

Does not necessarily mean this:

Especially if there are none of these:

If there is no stop sign, those fancy stripes on the ground only mean something if people are crossing.

That is all.

(There is a two-way stop by our office. Because there is a crosswalk, everyone assumes it doubles as a stop sign. Without fail, whenever I'm waiting for my turn, someone with the right of way thinks they have to stop and let me go ahead of them.)


JMadd said...

Word! Thanks for that PSA.

krystal said...

That's a bad intersection. I almost got into an accident there once because the people who actually had a stop sign didn't stop.

Mike & Beckie said...

Our intersection is pretty interesting. I hear crazy people honking a few times a day. I'm surprised there aren't more accidents than what we see.