Friday, June 5, 2009

Women and Purses

I have stumbled upon a fundamental rule of women and their purses.

It dawned on me when I watched my daughter try to get something out of her toy purse when she was a year old. I have no data to support this, but I'm positive it crosses both age and cultural barriers.

Here is the rule:

When women have to find something in their purses, every single one of them does the following.

First, they hold the purse open and look to see if what they need is on top. Since another fundamental rule of purses is that whatever they are looking for instantly shifts to the bottom corner, this first tactic never works.

Second, they shove their hand into the purse while simultaneously looking up and away from their purse. This means they just have to fish blindly with their hand.

Typically, the first time never works, so they pull their hand out and repeat step one.

Then, since the laws of physics prevent the item from ever shifting to the top, they have to repeat step two.

Not once in the whole process have I ever seen a woman combine both steps one and two.


Heather said...

I often do this while driving, fishing to find something by touch, or if I cannot find it I dump the whole thing out!

Meredith said...

I solved this "fishing" stressor by putting everything into various mini cases (I can't think of a better label for this right now). This way, all I have to do is find the mini case with the needed item and pull it out. No more fishing... just reach and grab. The only thing not in a case is a pen. All of my throat lozenges/Tic Tacs/etc. are in one mini case. All of my small cleaning/medicinal items such as a mini hand sanitizer bottle, mini air freshener spray, Ibuprofin, bandaids, etc. are in another mini case. All of my extra cards such as credit cards, library cards, movie cards, etc. that do not fit in my wallet are in another mini case. It works for me.