Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warning: Graphic Images

So, I'm an idiot (you may remember how long it took me to understand the concept of a hot burner).

I guess knives should be added to that list. Over the weekend, I was trying to cut through a huge block of cheese and instead managed to slice through my thumb nail.

Yep. Not the thumb alone. I chopped right through the thumb nail.

Deep too.

Here's a picture of the damage:

I'm sure you can't even see it right? I couldn't get a real good shot, so I figure I'll have to outline it for you:

I'm not looking forward to what will happen when my nail grows out enough to lose the only connection left at the bottom of the slice.

I'd really rather not lose my nail.


krystal said...

Please, please, PLEASE don't ever do that again.

trublubyu said...

sorry about your thumb- i hope your nail grows back in beautifully.

you could get an acrylic tip if you want.

just saying...